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第31回:ご家族に状況説明する英語表現【医療用語解説】:医療通訳士 ノラス


第31回:ご家族に状況説明する英語表現【医療用語解説】:医療通訳士 ノラス

What happened: 状況説明

He was in a car accident.

He collapsed at his office today.

Condition: 状態

He is unconscious in ICU.

He was unresponsive when he was transported here (taken to the hospital/ brought to the hospital).

He is conscious but we still need to run some tests.

He is stable now.

He is in critical condition.

He is in serious condition.

He is going to make it. (He is going to be ok./ He is ok.)

He is not going to make it.


We tried to resuscitate (CPR) him but he didn't regain consciousness.